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Tim Dassen

co-founder | co-creator
Mechanical Engineering BEng.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."

Albert Einstein

Harold van Aken

co-founder | senior technical consultant
Aerospace Engineering MSc.

"First time right by CAE driven design."

Dion Besselink

co-owner | senior technical consultant
Mechanical Engineering MSc.

"Making our customers successful is our success."

Vijay Nath Sivaraj

managing director | simulation engineer
simulation techniques in Mechanical Engineering MSc.

"Good design is obvious, great design is transparent."

Roy Proost

project manager
Aerospace Engineering MSc.

"As simple as possible, as complex as necessary."

Nine Klaassen

product design engineer
Industrial Design Engineering MSc.

"Creativity makes the unthinkable thinkable; engineering makes the unrealistic realistic."

Vincent Lewis

simulation engineer
Mechanical Engineering MSc.

"Engineering is fun and exciting. That's what CAE driven design does."

Harikrishnan Sudheer

design engineer
B.Tech – Mechanical Engineering

"Take risks now and do something bold. You won't regret it."

Elon Musk

Sivanesan Shanmugam

design engineer
B.E. - Mechanical Engineering

"Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works."

Steve Jobs

Mervyn Compen

simulation engineer
Mechanical Engineering MSc.

"Scientists study the world as it is; engineers create the world that has never been."

Theodore von Karman

Gerben van den Oord

senior simulation engineer
Mechanical Engineering MSc.

"Capturing physics in mathematical models allows us to anticipate and identify problems before they exist."

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