industrial design

Develop qualitative concepts on creative ideas! A combination of precision simulation technology with concept development and creative industrial design.

more than an idea

Generate feasible concepts and visualize them with 3D CAD models, prototypes, user tests and simulations results.

design for a better world

Sustainable innovation starts with strategic choices. We support clients in setting up new sustainable business models behind a product.

lightweight design

Weight reduction without any compromises. We make sure that we find the optimum according to our customers’ needs, in terms of performance, weight, production efficiency and the total cost of ownership.


thinking in enforceable solutions

"I feel challenged developing a product; driven to fulfil requirements and make all features work."

Nine Klaassen
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creative sessions

A quick and effective kickstart can generate fresh inspiring ideas, new insights and input for a required development approach.

concept engineering

The knowledge related to movements, mechanisms, user interaction, production and assembly. Working with short iterations and dynamic sprints it is a visible process. Together with aesthetics and design this service leads to detailed concepts.

from aesthetics to design

The translation of an artist impression into a realistic 3d product design, always in close cooperation with the client. Driven by personal involvement and regular progress updates. Aesthetics and design merge with concept engineering and simulation technology.

feasibility & prototyping

The feasibility of a concept is to check it regularly with early prototypes, also called ‘Frankensteins’. So we keep track of requirements to see if we're still heading in a conceivable direction. During the entire product development process we apply our knowledge of materials, processing and design.

usability studies

The end user is the most important stakeholder! Working in sprints, storyboards and real-life tests we get to know the specific perspective on a certain design.

benchmark and cost studies

Crucial in a development are insights on functionalities and production costs. Insights that form the booster for the development process and also enables prediction of the 'Bill of Material'.

CAE driven design

We take integrated product design to the next level by combining concept development with simulation technology in one team.

technology, material and production consultancy

Find new perspectives, add knowledge and evaluate challenges with professionals among themselves. In our portal you can hire an expert to brainstorm with. Also take a look at our data intelligence services in which we categorize, research and visualize your data to explore valuable insights.