automated engineering

Tailor-made automation is key to eliminate non-valuable tasks and click-work. Using the right tools determines efficiency, quality and consistency across all engineering tasks.

time saving

Pre-, post-processing and reporting take up around 60% of working time with low added value. Improving efficiency leaves more time for optimization and communication.

This saves up to 3 days per week.

Find out how to save time with the
Moldflow® toolbox and the HyperWorks™ toolbox.



Moldflow® toolbox

HyperWorks™ toolbox

Contact us for tailor-made tools that suit your workflow.


transforming insights into new values

benefits of automated engineering

  • increase efficiency
  • improve consistency
  • enhance quality
  • reduce monotony
  • detect errors
  • allow more iterations
  • improve documentation
  • increase throughput

"Our vision is to eliminate non-value adding tasks from engineering workflows and scrap repetitive click-work."

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