Nine Klaassen

product design engineer
industrial design engineering MSc.

"Creativity makes the unthinkable thinkable; engineering makes the unrealistic realistic."


car seat design

I have worked on several car seats, from support legs to carriers and from box fitting to user research. I like to search for possible innovations within the strict legislation for car seats and to translate those innovative ideas into realistic product designs.

creative sessions

Creative sessions give a project team energy. Finding the main goal of a project, getting the requirements clear or brainstorming on possible solutions. For all those questions a session can be set-up, an efficient way to get everyone focussed and involved.

focus on eyes

This device is desiged to measure eyemovements of young children, to diagnose if they have strabismus. I worked on the design, the engineering and the prototype of this product. Many use cases had to be taken into account, with the focus on children (table can be changed in height), but also for example people in a wheelchair. And the optometrist should also have an ergonomic working environment (angled keyboard).

Work for former employer: R2Pro (2018)



These vertical ‘blinds’ filter out direct light to reduce glare, but do let through diffuse light. It creates openness in every office. I translated their product from prototype to the first small series within a strict budget. Therefore sheet metal was selected for the first 100 pieces.

Work for former employer: SolarSwing (2017)

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