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Moldflow breakfast session

We presented our Moldflow Toolbox at the MAIT breakfast session on October 14th. Next to our presentation several other, interesting topics were presented:

  • MAIT presents the highlights of the new Moldflow release 2023.
  • Hahn-Schickard shows a method to detect and compensate process variations.
  • Detagto shares their smart traceability method to identify objects with a "digital fingerprint".
get your Moldflow toolbox trial version

Do you use #Moldflow in your day-to-day work? What if you could save time on your daily assignments? With our Moldflow Toolbox, you could save up to 8 hours per project, improving your work's overall quality.

Want to know how? Check out our video highlighting the effectiveness of the Toolbox! Instead of spending time on repetitive tasks, you can now focus on the important things. Get your personalized trial version today!

meet Michal

Our first remote employee! Michal is currently living in Prague and started working at CodePS as CAE engineer. He has experience in automotive, aerospace and energy industry helping create safe and efficient products. His work mission to shorten development time and increase product quality using simulations. Next to work he likes to sail, hike and travel, he is looking forward to discovering the Netherlands around his work visits.

teaching flow simulations

Meshing, material models and process settings; Cyril Smals and Tim Dassen brought theory alive by performing a live Moldflow simulation at Mikrocentrum - Opleiden. Ontmoeten. Ondernemen. To all students, good luck with your projects, and you know where to find us if you have questions.

Moldflow automation

Are you wasting time in Moldflow? Or just want to be more efficient in your work? Our Moldflow Toolbox was created to automate repetitive tasks. This saves up to 8 hours per project, giving you time to focus on the important things. The video shows how to create a full project report in less than 5 minutes - something that can easily take half a day, if not automated. Want this customized for your company? Contact us!

getting inspired by students

Today our design engineer, Nine Klaassen, visited IPO Hogeschool Rotterdam. Where 10 students presented their concepts on how to entertain children in a car, so their parents can focus on traffic and bring them home safely. Nine: "I saw some wonderful concepts, where the imagination of children is boosted or where they playfully learn something. It was very nice to see their hands-on approach and mock-ups, just like we like it Code Product Solutions."

meet our new simulation engineer

Kyron Pijpers has a fresh mechanical engineering diploma from the TU/e. His profile is a perfect match with our ‘simulation driven design’ method. He learned both about CAE and about CAD and joined the Solar car team of the TU/e. There he focused on failure mechanisms in Carbon fiber reinforced plastics. You can see the fit right?

Kyron will focus on Ansys projects, Matlab and Python programming. And he is looking forward to the CodePS yearly cycling tour in Limburg.

lightweight multi-material gearbox housing

Checkout this nice case video. A housing form aluminum overmolded with fiber reinforced plastic from Polyscope Polymers BV. With integrative simulations we ensured the best performance of both materials (with their individual thermal and mechanical properties). We performed an injection molding simulation to identify filling or warpage risks. Afterwards we transferred the fiber orientations to a mechanical simulation analyzing the mechanical behavior of the part in a high level of detail, considering also local effects. This approach resulted in 30% less weight, 30% less emissions and a cost-effective solution.
Special thanks to Flanders Make and Interreg Europe Meuse-Rhine for this interesting project.

working from home

Welcome to our home offices. Although we miss our coffee breaks and playing table soccer we have found our new way of working. Since Covid-19 we introduced a daily online start-up. This way everyone knows what the other colleagues are working on. It helps to feel involved, gives room to ask for support and it helps to plan the day. Something to keep when we are allowed back in the office.

hello halo

Can you spot what Tim, Dion and Harold are wearing? It's the new Hello Halo, a wearable to make work more safe during Covid-19, designed and developed by CodePS and partners. Smart distancing is essential in keeping Covid-19 exposure to a minimum and your environment safe. Hello Halo provides your company with a precise, objective and ready to use tool to make smart distancing work. Besides its technical performance, user-friendliness and wide array of features & customization, Hello Halo aims for climate positivity and is circularly designed and engineered.

how to keep your collegues awake?

How to keep everyone involved during a long digital meeting? We put some easter eggs in our monthly Q-time meeting. Every couple of slides a 5 second exercises popped up. Laughs and a good feeling guaranteed! #microbreaks #homeoffice #teamspirit

join to create a circular economy

Together with Swandoo, we have started a project to analyse how child car seats can be redesigned to fit a circular business model. That way we can contribute to a circular world.

magazine Feature: faster plastic product development

The development cycle of plastic products can be shortened significantly by using a simulation-driven design approach. The Dutch magazine Kunststof & Rubber wrote an article about Code Product Solutions' method.

steps towards circular economy

A Circular Economy is not something you can achieve alone; the whole production chain needs to be involved. That is why we have started our journey towards CE with a graduation project. Welcome, Bente!

video call bingo
Video calls work great! No matter how well everyone's adjusted now, some recognisable struggles will always pop up. Take a look at the video call bingo to see which ones you can tick off!
composite sunroof frame

During the last AZL workgroup meeting on Product Cost Benchmarking, our colleague Hendrik Schütte presented a business case about developing a composite sunroof frame.

iF design award for the Marie 360 child car seat

Congratulations to Swandoo for winning the prestigious iF DESIGN  Award 2020 for the Marie 360 Child Car Seat! At Code, we always work towards making our customers successful, and we are glad when they are rewarded with a prize!

start of 2020: artificial intelligence for wildlife

A new decade has started and Artificial Intelligence is applied more and more. One of our partners, Fruitpunch AI, is applying Artificial Intelligence to prevent poaching in South Africa. Code's New Year's gift of 2020 goes out to this project that is focussed on innovation and preservation.

code on film

Are you facing a challenge in developing your product? Could you use a partner to look at your project from a fresh perspective? Check out this video!

the results of our study
Sharing knowledge is so valuable. Together with UPPAbaby and the University of Pennsylvania, we've conducted a study that we've presented at the 17th International Conference on Child Car Safety in Munich. For those who couldn't attend, we'd like to share a summary of our study.
on our way to Munich!
On Friday, we will share the results of the study that we've done together with UPPAbaby and the University of Pennsylvania at Tüv Süd.
presentation: the impact of vertical pitch on ATD injury metrics

On the 17th International Conference on Protection of Children in Cars, hosted by Tüv Süd, we will present the results of a study we did together with UPPAbaby and the University of Pennsylvania. In which we have investigated the impact of vertical pitch on ATD injury metrics using virtual simulations.

BMC thermoplastic composite lab
Congratulations to Brightlands Materials Center for opening their new processing and testing lab for Thermoplastic Composites.
video look-back on the K-Messe
Thank you all for joining us at the K2019 in Düsseldorf! Relive the moment with us by enjoying this recap video.
paper on thermal performance prediction

Optimise thermal performance of your product by having insight in temperature flow fields. See how we use predictive engineering to achieve your goals. Read our brief paper here.

Paper on Water meter cover

Fiber filled plastics can do the high performance job! Let our integrative simulations support you. Read our brief paper here.

paper on plastic sun roof frame

Cost friendly and light weight Sun roofs? We offer our virtual benchmarking solutions. Read our brief paper here.

paper on predictive composite forming

Maximise product and production performance for composite formed applications? See how we use predictive engineering to maximise production quality and speed. Read our brief paper here.

paper on modeling of composite materials

Looking for validated composite material cards based on reliable measurements? Check out this brief paper that we've written about it.

partnering with polyscope at K-Fair
We're happy to welcome you with our partner Polyscope and explore new opportunities together at the K-Fair in Düsseldorf!
webinar: concept design for plastic parts
Do you want to know why the foundation of a successful design is set in the concept phase? Then please join our webinar ''Concept Design for Plastic Parts'' on October 2nd held together with Altair!
thanks for a great CRS seminar!

We want to thank everyone for taking time to come and visit us at the child car seat innovation event. We hope that it left you inspired with new insights, trends and the latest innovations!

child car seat innovation event
Following last year's success, tomorrow is the second edition of our Child Car Seat Innovation Event! We are looking forward to the presentations of Lorrie Walker - Safe Kids Worldwide, Alisa Baer - The Car Seat Lady and Nicolas Gonzalez-Garrido - Swandoo.
CBME Shanghai: the largest child and baby expo in the world
CBME China is about to start! Held annually in Shanghai, CBME China is the world's largest trade fair for child and baby products.
speaking at LiveWorx about integrated CAD and CAE
LiveWorx: THE event on Digital Transformation where one of our experts is speaking. A session about CAE-driven design and the integration of CAD in this process. This will be illustrated by a case about Child Restraint System development.
presenting at the international injection moulding conference
At the IIMC in Aachen, Dr. Jens van Haag showed in two automotive examples how a simulation-driven approach can improve developments both in total product development and the conceptual phase of the typical product development cycle.
innovate with lightweight
There are many possibilities in applying composites to make products lighter. Today, we are joining the inspiration session 'Innovate with Lightweight', organised by LIOF. An initiative for sharing knowledge and
webinar: concept design for plastic parts
Tomorrow, Altair and Code Product Solutions will host a webinar about CAE-engineering in Concept Design for Plastic Parts. Now is your last chance to sign up! There are only a few spots left.
optimisation methods & additive manufacturing
Which development methods and tools can help us attain an optimal design? And how can we work around certain boundary conditions concerning producibility? These and other questions revolving the topics Developments in Design and Additive Manufacturing have been answered during the latest ‘Kennismeeting’ at the Brightlands campus, organised by Limburgse Design Associatie.
lightweight & e-mobility
Collaboration in the field of Autonomous Driving and E-Mobility is an important stepping stone on the road to innovative developments. This week’s “E-Mobility meets Lightweight” event at the campus of RWTH Aachen University perfectly facilitated in this.
keynote: lightweight technologies
"What are your views on the advances in simulations and validations of lightweight technologies?" That is what we will answer during our keynote presentation at the International Conference on Light Weighting Technology in Pune, India.
presenting at EXO Berlin
Last week, Code and Project MARCH travelled to the capital of Germany to present at EXO Berlin: an international conference for exoskeletons and human augmentation technologies.
ITHEC 2018
It’s time for ITHEC again! Code’s David de Vries and Hendrik Schütte will be contributing to the international dialogue on thermoplastic composites in Bremen this week.
looking back on our CRS seminar

How does integrated CAE and CAD lead to innovative Child Car Seat development? And how can safety designs be optimised at an early stage? These topics and more were discussed during our latest seminar about CRS development.

project MARCH wins the cybathlon!

Project MARCH, one of the student teams Code supports, participated in the Cybathlon in Düsseldorf. To prove to the world that this team is on top of their game, they participated in this competition for exoskeletons in which they conquered all obstacles! On behalf of the Code team, congratulations! We're very proud of you.

a great first CRS seminar!

Yesterday, our seminar on the Latest Developments of Child Car Seat Development took place on the Automotive campus in Helmond. Together with our partner TASS International, we have hosted six presentations of speakers from the entire value chain of CRS Development. We have covered the whole development cycle in the presentations: from the concept phase, to simulation engineering, validation and homologation to the point of production.

join our seminar on CRS development!

What is the most efficient method to develop an i-Size Child Car Seat? Speakers from the entire CRS value chain will share their expertise to answer this and other questions during our upcoming seminar. Our speakers are: Ronald Vroman, Paul Gaudreau, Richard Lancashire, Tim Janssen, Harold Van Aken, Gerben van den Oord & Hugo van Andel

the added value of FEM

For two years already, Project MARCH and CodePS have been collaborating. Together, we work towards an optimal exoskeleton to make full mobility possible for people with a spinal cord injury. Why is applying FEM valuable in this process? Evelien Heerkens explains why.

exhibiting at JEC world 2018

JEC World 2018, one of the largest composite fairs, is starting tomorrow! The next three days, we will be sharing our revolutionary approach in optimising high demanding structural applications with Computer Aided Engineering, combined with extensive cost evaluations. This all leads to an optimised lightweight thermoplastic composite product. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Hall 5A, Booth C55. See you in Paris!

optimising knee joints

Our joint blog is online! High precision, great forces, safety… It has all been taken into account in the knee joint of the exoskeleton that we have optimised together with Project MARCH. With this great robotic suit, people with a spinal cord injury are able to walk again. When the student team asked for our help and FEA expertise, we did not need to think twice; Of course, we wanted to help! 

code Amsterdam!

Code Product Solutions keeps growing! We have already opened our fourth office, which is located in the capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam!

viel erfolg, Hendrik!

A very warm welcome to Hendrik Schütte! This Lighweight Design Specialist is the newest addition to our team. Via one of our partners, AZL Aachen GmbH, we met Hendrik, for which we are very grateful. Hendrik recently graduated from RWTH Aachen University in the field of Aerospace Engineering and will be fulfilling the position of Simulation Engineer at Code. We wish Hendrik ‘viel Erfolg’!

How to build a racing car?

Building a racing car for the very first time; that sounds like a challenging project! The Formula Student Team from Zuyd Hogeschool accepted this challenge. As one of the main sponsors of the project, we are incredibly proud of the whole team for their achievement. Just a few finishing touches and the team is ready for the Formula Student Competition in Silverstone. We wish you the best of luck.

TASS international and code: joint webinar!

TASS International and Code Product Solutions presented a joint webinar! We discussed how we developed an i-Size child car seat and reduced its costs thanks to less physical testing. This was accomplished while still meeting all R129 safety requirements. The key to success: CAE-driven design. 

how to perfectly stir my coffee?
We are CAE engineers. But also coffee lovers. Combine these two and what happens?
webinar: i-size child car seat

Using a CAE driven design process, we support children’s car seat manufacturers to develop R129 i-Size seats. On the 23rd of March, we will host a webinar together with TASS International on this (virtual) development.