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award winning project Thule

We are proud to present our work on the Thule Maple, Elm, and Alfi car seat family. Awarded with a RedDot and an iF design award.

We had the honor of contributing with our simulation and design engineering team. We transformed concepts into manufacturable, user-friendly, and safe components and interfaces.

Check our projectpage for more information on our contribution.

it's a wrap

During Girlsday '24 we got 12 girls from Heerbeeck College visiting us. We showed them what our work routine looks like. From ideation to prototyping and engineering. And we had a lot of fun during the crash test workshop we did! Check out the movie for the results. fixthesystem

groundbreaking child safety innovation

Check out our process behind this new innovation. We have brainstormed and came up with a super innovative safety suit. You and your kids will love it.

Our Super Sticky Safety Suit is 'available in the store' from April 1st...

Want to watch the video with sound? Check out our Youtube page

advance projects with the HyperWorks toolbox

HyperWorksTM is one of our cornerstone CAE tools, and we have been automating our work for years and added everything into a single add-on;

- faster insights: create plots, graphs and compare models automatically

- rapid reporting: 80% of reporting work is standardized and can be automated, it just needs to be done

- staying organized: add, rename, renumber and modify your model efficiently

Want to make use of this add-on as well? Check out the HyperWorks toolbox page.

spark your creativity

Wishing everyone a creative 2024! Explore our new brainstorm canvas. Wondering how an AI model can be your brainstorm partner? We have developed a canvas that effectively utilizes the power of AI models. Do you want to ignite creativity within your company? Respond quickly; we want to further improve our canvas and are offering two complimentary sessions in exchange for your feedback.

hello Hayley

Introducing Hayley Tatam, Simulation Engineer at CodePS. Originally from Australia, she adds an international dimension to our team. With 11 years expertise in FEM and Ansys, she's well-prepared for our high-tech technical challenges. She appreciates our team's collaborative atmosphere and looks forward to contributing. In her downtime, she enjoys running, swimming, and painting. “I often find that if I've been struggling with a problem the answer will pop into my head while I am immersed in one of my hobbies.” Welcome to the team, Hayley.

proven quality

Congrats to our engineers for achieving their PSE certificate from NAFEMS! A worldwide recognition for competences required in the field of simulation. A wide variety of subjects is covered such as structural mechanics, composites, fatigue and non-linear effects.

What our engineers thought of PSE? “My exam was actually an interesting discussion regarding the challenges in my daily work. Nice addition to my professional career, it confirms my ability to deliver qualitative results.”

meet Mathieu

New to our team; Mathieu Oude Vrielink - simulation engineer for high-tech systems. “I get really energized from simulation models, because they allow us to unravel critical engineering insights that cannot be obtained otherwise.” From prior experience he learned that these insights are crucial during development, ranging from life-saving medical equipment to nuclear fusion reactors. At CodePS, he’ll be right at home because of the shared passion for analysis and simulations. In his free time he likes to go for a run, or to goof around on his piano.

we have moved to a new office in Chennai, India!

We are thrilled to announce that we have taken our journey of innovation and excellence to the next level by moving into The Hive - Flexible Workspaces. It is a dynamic co-working space that pulsates with ideas and potential synergies.

We've always believed in fostering an environment that nurtures creativity and embraces diversity so that is a perfect fit with the vision of The Hive. It gives us the energy to tackle your engineering problem.

Do you want to visit our new workplace? Reach out to Vijay Nath Sivaraj to arrange for a coffee.

Nisarga Reddy joins the team

“The best aspect of simulations is the ability to predict the behavior of a product before physical experiments.” That is why Nisarga Reddy chose this field of work. She has prior experience in simulation in the automotive industry and in plastics. Solving problems and celebrating small wins keep her motivated. She has a broad look at engineering and wants to understand the complete context of a problem, not only the engineering part of it, also economic aspects and the impact it has for the end-user have her interest. She spends her free time learning Dutch and gardening.

celebrating team spirit

We had an exciting day as we welcomed our colleagues from India to our office. The energy was good while we gathered for lunch and went for a fascinating tour through the Philips Museum, where we delved into the history of Eindhoven city. And we tested our teamwork with an escape room challenge! The day concluded with a nice dinner and engaging conversations.

At Code PS, we believe that a strong team spirit and supportive work environment drives innovation. Events like these remind us of the talent and dedication within our team, transcending borders and embracing diversity.

welcome Jerôme

This is Jerôme, the most recent addition to the team who started working on finite element simulations for high tech systems. "Working on a large machine model with several different bodies, enforces you to stay focused on every small model component. This is a challenge with a lot of puzzle-pieces, but is rewarding whenever results are starting to make sense. These simulation challenges, together with the flat company organization at CodePS, makes for a refreshing working environment." Besides simulations, Jerôme spends his spare time on DIY projects and is occasionally defying mountains on his bike.

engineering automation saves you time

Did you know that a large portion of a CAE Engineer's time is spent on repetitive and tedious tasks such as reporting and pre-processing? And these tasks contribute very little to one's knowledge.

With the Moldflow Toolbox, you can automate your workflow, including reporting and pre-processing. This helps you to save time and energy, and it increases the value of your work. By reducing non-value-adding time to a minimum, Moldflow Toolbox aims to improve the efficiency and quality of the project. Check out our Moldflow Toolbox page here:

meet our intern Lauren

When Lauren saw our internship vacancy she was immediately interested. A clear assignment with a problem she liked to tackle with her design and prototyping skills.

Lauren is a third year Industrial Product Design student Fontys Venlo University of Applied Sciences. Together with her supervisor Cyril Smals she is working on a new infant carrier system. This involves patent research, modeling in SolidWorks and Fusion and 3D printing.

We like to have Lauren on our team, she is independent, not afraid of complex problems and learned quickly about CRS regulations and what it means to design within those boundaries.

infinite degradable biopolymers

Since today CodePS will take an active participation in Sustān BV, developers of infinite degradable biopolymers.

Our contribution will add sustainability and broad experience in product development in order to extend the portfolio of high end biodegradable polymers.

showcase at Autodesk Moldflow Summit 2023

This user conference inspires the Moldflow community to share and discover new workflows for injection molding plastic simulation. We presented the Moldflow Toolbox and showed how you can save up to 10 hours per Moldflow project by automating your daily workflow while increasing efficiency, consistency and improving quality.

welcome to Simon

Meet Simon, recent graduate from IDE Fontys Venlo University of Applied Sciences he started at CodePS as product design engineer for Child Car Seats. He can put his affinity for creativity and problem-solving to the test while working. And he likes the way of hybrid working post Covid. The short daily online morning meetings with all colleagues make sure everyone is up to date with what the team is doing. 

data intelligence for child safety

This year TUV SUDs Protection of Children in Cars conference, Tim Dassen gave a workshop on data intelligence and child safety in cars. With several practical cases he showed what knowledge can be gathered; for example to extend the lifetime of a car seat or to avoid mis-use.

welcome to Laura

This is Laura Bras, she started as Junior simulation engineer. Since then, she is enjoying a research project on foam characteristics and her first Car seat simulation project. “An interesting subject. What I like most about the way of working at CodePS? I really get the time to get to the bottom of a question or technical issue. And working together with colleagues to find solutions for those issues.” Her spare time she spends on cooking, playing fantasy boardgames and driving lessons. Welcome to the team!

get your Moldflow toolbox trial version

What if you could save time on your daily assignments? With our Moldflow Toolbox, you could save up to 8 hours per project, improving your work's overall quality.

Want to know how? Check out our video highlighting the effectiveness of the Toolbox! Instead of spending time on repetitive tasks, you can now focus on the important things. Get your trial version today!

teaching flow simulations

Meshing, material models and process settings; Cyril Smals and Tim Dassen brought theory alive by performing a live Moldflow simulation at Mikrocentrum - Opleiden. Ontmoeten. Ondernemen. To all students, good luck with your projects, and you know where to find us if you have questions.

getting inspired by students

Today we visited IPO Hogeschool Rotterdam. Where 10 students presented their concepts on how to entertain children in a car, so their parents can focus on traffic and bring them home safely. "I saw some wonderful concepts, where the imagination of children is boosted or where they playfully learn something. It was very nice to see their hands-on approach and mock-ups, just like we like at CodePS."

lightweight multi-material gearbox housing

A housing form aluminum overmolded with fiber reinforced plastic from Polyscope Polymers BV. With integrative simulations we ensured the best performance of both materials (with their individual thermal and mechanical properties).

We performed an injection molding simulation to identify filling or warpage risks. Afterwards we transferred the fiber orientations to a mechanical simulation analyzing the mechanical behavior of the part in a high level of detail, considering also local effects. This approach resulted in 30% less weight, 30% less emissions and a cost-effective solution.

hello halo

Hello Halo, a wearable to make work more safe during Covid-19 is designed and developed by CodePS and partners. Hello Halo provides your company with a precise, objective and ready to use tool to make smart distancing work. Besides its technical performance, user-friendliness and wide array of features & customization, Hello Halo aims for climate positivity and is circularly designed and engineered.

make online meetings fun

How to keep everyone involved during a long digital meeting? We put some easter eggs in our monthly Q-time meeting. Every couple of slides a 5 second exercises popped up. Laughs and a good feeling guaranteed! #microbreaks #homeoffice #teamspirit

join to create a circular economy

Together with Swandoo, we have started a project to analyse how child car seats can be redesigned to fit a circular business model. That way we can contribute to a circular world.

magazine Feature: faster plastic product development

The development cycle of plastic products can be shortened significantly by using a simulation-driven design approach. The Dutch magazine Kunststof & Rubber wrote an article about Code Product Solutions' method.

iF design award for the Marie 360 child car seat

Congratulations to Swandoo for winning the prestigious iF DESIGN  Award 2020 for the Marie 360 Child Car Seat! At CodePS, we always work towards making our customers successful, and we are glad when they are rewarded with a prize!

start of 2020: artificial intelligence for wildlife

A new decade has started and Artificial Intelligence is applied more and more. One of our partners, Fruitpunch AI, is applying Artificial Intelligence to prevent poaching in South Africa. Code's New Year's gift of 2020 goes out to this project that is focussed on innovation and preservation.

code on film

Are you facing a challenge in developing your product? Could you use a partner to look at your project from a fresh perspective? Check out this video!

the added value of FEM

For two years already, Project MARCH and CodePS have been collaborating. Together, we work towards an optimal exoskeleton to make full mobility possible for people with a spinal cord injury. Why is applying FEM valuable in this process? Evelien Heerkens explains why.

how to build a racing car?

Building a racing car for the very first time; that sounds like a challenging project! The Formula Student Team from Zuyd Hogeschool accepted this challenge. As one of the main sponsors of the project, we are incredibly proud of the whole team for their achievement. After a few finishing touches the team is ready for the Formula Student Competition in Silverstone.

how to perfectly stir my coffee?
We are CAE engineers. But also coffee lovers. Combine these two and what happens?