about us

CodePS was founded with the ambition to challenge the status quo of product development and create designs that are right the first time around.

three synergetic domains, one team

meet the team

With our expertise, drive and great collaboration skills, we assure to provide innovative product solutions. Together we have over 230 years of experience in product development. Meet us...

"Our involvement and informal style is considered pleasant by all of our partners."

Harold van Aken
+31 (0)88 115 1900

five advantages

The CodePS approach saves time and costs by accelerating your performance, reducing risks and shorten time to launch.

working with us

Keeping our client one step ahead of competition. Bringing innovations quicker to market as a result of smart decisions early on to reduce risks during development.

Our added value is to understand the application field of every client; direct and progressive insights in the performance of a part in all segments. RisingĀ above matter to draw the right conclusion.

"Involvement and cooperation are essential to reach excellent results."

Tim Dassen
+31 (0)88 115 1900