Harold van Aken

co-founder | senior technical consultant
aerospace engineering MSc.

"First time right by CAE driven design."


(re)design of exterior components

For the next generation Trucks DAF used a new approach for exterior thermoplastic components to improve the vehicle’s efficiency. I worked on ensuring the life time of those components by using my knowledge in design for plastics, material behaviour and CAE driven design for dynamic loaded structures.

lightweight architecture for a car body (BIW)

Designing with thermoplastic composites for crash performance meant new analysis and material modelling techniques had to be developed.

The result of this study is a new composite architecture for a BIW that performs better than a classic metal architecture in stiffness and crash with a weight reduction of 150 to 200 kg. 


structural architect and consultant car seats

My goal is to explore the most efficient load paths, leading to cost efficiency and lightweight designs. I combine my expertise in FE crash analysis, manufacturing, assembly and material knowledge to perform fast design iterations with a focus on designs that are right the very first time.

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