moldflow toolbox

Automate your daily workflow such as modeling, post processing, model checking and reporting in order to increase efficiency, consistency and quality. Save up to eight hours per project.

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• saving time 
• increasing quality
• improving consistency
• easy to install 
• tailor-made

"I’m proud of this innovate tool. It’s easy to use and it focusses on convenience, efficiency and quality."

Hendrik Schütte
+31 (0)88 115 1900

modeling features
  • add hot runners
  • organize layers
  • check process settings
  • ... and more


reporting features
  • create full report
  • copy-paste to report
  • export simulation data
  • modify result plots
  • ... and more

"The moldflow toolbox enables us to lower lead time by several hours per project and, in addition, increase quality."

Sebastian Forster
Head of Simulation
BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

  • Add new gates to the model by automatically importing and orienting elements and connecting nodes.
  • Organize layers by element types to keep your model clean.
  • Check process settings to improve quality. 
  • Clear RFN-files to refresh simulation results
  • Create a detailled powerpoint report in minutes, rather than hours.
  • Modify plots easily and use your corporate powerpoint template for guaranteed consistency.
  • Extend and customize the report afterwards with the copy-paste feature.
  • Check your simulation results to prevent mistakes and improve quality. 

"The moldflow toolbox is a real relief when creating reports. The time saving is significant."

Frank Rötker
CAE Engineer
Polytec Group

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