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Workflows and click-orders are often the same, even if you're working on different parts or applications. Our toolbox for Altair HyperWorks™ accelerates repetitive steps with a simple and intuitive GUI.


Most tasks in HyperWorks can be automated using the API. Think of tasks like adding entities, renumbering, renaming, sorting, connecting and more.

Let us know your ideas and automation goals.

post-processing and reporting
  • create new pages and windows
  • create new plots and graphs
  • create a PowerPoint report from an entire session
  • compare multiple models
  • create tables and overviews
  • get model information from the input deck

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Find out how we use automated engineering at CodePS.

"Almost every click can be automated with the HyperWorks API. There are endless possibilities for automation."

Hendrik Schütte
+31 (0)88 115 1900

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