data intelligence

Understand the power of data! New perspectives lead to better products in sense of cost, time and performance. The innovative domain without borders.

data driven solutions

Create more value by combining and transforming data into new insights. Using data driven analysis techniques for augmenting existing and creating new business models.

"Data intelligence is a source of inspiration for me, it sparks my creativity."

Tim Dassen
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transforming insights into new values

internet of things product development

Developing IoT our multi-disciplinary team utilizes technologies like real-time analytics, machine learning, sensors and embedded systems.

scripting and automation

Automating your workflow by scripting improves quality and generates time. Focus on creativity, design explorations and generation of structured data.

Read more about our development on the moldflow toolbox.

machine learning

With all the data available nowadays, machine learning applications are only limited by imagination. It's all in the focus on practical methods of implementing solutions to come to better decisions.