at the forefront

data driven technology

CodePS is constantly at the forefront of child car seat development. It started in 2008 with implementing the CAE driven design approach for the Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix. This resulted in a solution with high safety ratings, that was right the first time. Since then children car seats manufacturers from all over the world have benefitted from this approach. That's safe!

at the forefront
long term experience

In the past decade we've tuned our approach with simulation technology to explore scenario’s faster and with more detailed output than it would be possible with physical crash testing.

"Simulation technology is the only way forward in creating real safety for children in transport."

Harold van Aken
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future outlook

The next step to come closer in creating real safety for children is transforming CAE driven design into data driven design. Challenge us and experience our knowledge about data driven technologies.

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