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“Experts in safety”

Optimal safe constructions

All products need to be safe, that is certain. Especially consumer goods such as child car seats need to meet high safety standards to be able to be launched on the market. At Code, we take the newest high-end safety legislations into calculation during the product development process. We use this knowledge to design optimal and safe constructions.

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The latest safety standards

With our built-up knowledge about the most recent international safety requirements, we are able to develop products according to the latest high-end standards. A few of the measures that we have already incorporated in our work are the ones of ADAC, FMVSS, ECE-R129 and EURO NCAP.

To keep ahead of the developments in product development, we continuously invest in educating our team about the latest safety requirements.
  • Safety guaranteed: EURO NCAP, ECE-R129, FMVSS and ADAC proof.
  • CAE-driven process: Fastest time to market with the lowest integral costs.
  • One contact person for the validation of your product.


After applying simulation analyses in the development of a product, physical tests must usually be conducted as well. At Code, we think along with our clients. To speed up the development process until the launch to the market, we have partnered up with several test institutes. Our partners, such as TASS International, CHILL, Intertek, AZL and UL provide support in the physical testing of prototypes.

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Next to product testing in a virtual and physical way, we also build up expertise with our testing partners. The expertise range is wide and stretches from knowledge of new materials to various testing methods. With knowledge about material failures or its general behaviour under certain high stress conditions, product testing can be conducted even more accurately. In addition, we also use material tests as input for our software for further calculations. With this, we can provide an optimal material advice for each product.


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