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“Good, great, fantastic”

Survival of the fittest

Using the minimal to achieve the highest attainable; that is the purest form of product optimisation. Each product has final use requirements. According to these, certain product characteristics can be defined, such as the weight and suitable materials. With an extensive knowledge of various materials and production processes, at Code we have built up expertise in the producibility of products and we provide advice on the use of the best material fit.

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The right balance between costs and weight

Nature is the best example of optimal shapes and structures. In product optimisation, we apply topology to ensure that each bit of material is contributing equally in strength, stiffness and performance. From this, the first structural design is created. Next, we take the other boundary conditions into account: costs and producibility. This leads to the right balance in the final product.
✓  An optimal final product
✓  Fast time-to-market
✓  Best material selection
✓  Best product performance
✓  Lowest weight
✓  Lowest costs


An example of the steps we would take in the optimisation of a structural plastic part:
  • Topology optimisation for optimal design
  • Translate results into a feasible design
  • Shape optimisation to reduce stress concentrations
  • Injection moulding analysis to optimise gating location
  • Final analysis using anisotropic behaviour
  • Static and dynamic testing of improved design


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