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“The next generation”

Welcome to the future

The electrification of vehicles is developing at a fast pace. As a result, safety features change, and more accessories and functionalities are developed. Unsurprisingly, this all has an impact on the weight of a car and it’s use of energy. Engines should downsize while not compromising on performance. Ideally, we’re even looking for increased performance. The solution: weight reduction without any compromises.

Heavyweights in lightweight

Engineering and designing on the cutting edge is a balancing act. We make sure that we find the optimum according to our customers’ needs, in terms of performance, weight, production efficiency and total cost of ownership.

The combination of our material, processing and design know-how with the latest CAE technologies, has proven to be a very valuable asset. We continuously invest to improve and broaden our knowledge, to ensure we are not only fit today but also for the future.

✓  Tailored design fitting your needs
✓  Optimised state-of-the-art lightweight design
✓  The highest quality, best performance, short time to market
✓  Uncompromised design
✓  Bringing multiple expertise areas together

Materials • Processing • Design

We truly believe that material know-how, processing and design go hand in hand. All three expertise areas are important cornerstones in our engineering methodology. The overall performance of your product is depending on how well these areas have been addressed in the development process. An optimal product will be established once all expertise fields come together.



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