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“Passion, process, production”

From start to finish

We understand that traditional product development could take a long time. A lot of steps take place in the process between having the first ideas up to the production of the product. Therefore, we provide the solution: we are your partner for the total product development.
We have an all-round team consisting of industrial designers to material specialists to the best mechanical engineers. Combining various expertise areas, product development becomes highly efficient and fast. Next to this, we have the ability to offer rapid prototyping and 3D virtual product assessments.

Bringing engineering and design into harmony

At Code, we apply the CAE-driven design methodology. We employ simulation analyses early in the development process; during the conceptual phase. This way, we optimise the product’s structural design and performance before the final design decisions are made. Our CAD and CAE teams work closely together. Working via this methodology results in the ability to develop first-time-right designs.

During the entire product development process, we apply our expertise in materials, processing and design. To read more about this, click here.

✓  Merged engineering, materials, processing and design
✓  Close connection between teams
✓  Speed and quality
✓  Broad network at our fingertips
✓  First-time-right design: integrated CAD and CAE
✓  One product development partner for the entire process


With built-up knowledge about international and regional safety guidelines, functionalities for consumers and product performance, we have been able to develop standardised structural designs. These are the foundation of new products. Around these basic structures, any infant carrier or toddler seat can be designed.

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