The world is slowly starting to transition from a linear to a circular economy, as we realise that with the current system the limits of the earth's resources are reached. The circular economy represents a system were the value of materials and products are maintained through unlimited times of use, by ensuring closed life cycle loops. 
Together with one of our customers, Swandoo and with Master's Student Bente Vermaat from the TU Delft, we have started a project to analyse how child car seats can be redesigned to fit a circular business model. That way we can contribute to a circular world.
In this project, existing child car seats will be evaluated regarding repairability and refurbishability. This will be achieved through a product teardown of several child car seats, of which a disassembly map will be created. Next to this, existing child car seats, and more specifically their Bill of Materials, will be further evaluated. The stringent regulations that child car seats are subject to are of utmost importance. Therefore, the safety and quality will form the main consideration when redesigning a child car seat for a circular economy. 
Based on the analyses of the child car seats, a design guide will be developed, incorporating recommendations on how to design child car seats according to the principles of the circular economy.
Creating a circular economy is something we can achieve together. Are you interested in participating in this project? Or would you like to know more? Contact us >


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