A new year, a new colleague! This is Jim Schormans. Holding a PhD focussed on simulating the behaviour of carbon fibre composites under compressive loading, Jim will be joining our team of lightweight applications specialists.
“My roots lie in the south of the Netherlands, in Limburg. Together with my wife and daughter, I live in Nuenen now, so most of the time you’ll find me in the Eindhoven office. Personally, I always enjoy seeing when a product is put together nicely; that it was well-thought-out. I am someone who really has an eye for detail. At the same time, I like to work efficiently by looking into processes to see where we can speed up while still attaining high quality results. I am excited to be part of the Code team now and I am looking forward to upcoming projects to work on.”

We wish Jim much success in his work and a lot of fun at Code.


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