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Growing in Product Development Engineering

The market for lightweight applications building up on high-performance materials and integrated manufacturing processes is continuously growing; so is Code Product Solutions. For over a decade, Code has been on top of state-of-the-art technologies, building vast expertise and a broad knowledge network that reaches far across international borders. Now, we have more exciting news to share!

Code Product Solutions is an engineering firm specialised in designing and dimensioning lightweight high-performance parts. The roots of our company are found in providing predictive engineering support by means of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). Since several years, we have additionally integrated Computer Aided Design (CAD) into our services, complementing our CAE-driven design philosophy. Our team has grown into a significant crew of highly-knowledgeable simulation engineers, industrial product developers and material specialists. The combination of our expertise in design, materials and production processes is what makes our holistic development approach unique on the market. Code has three locations in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Schinnen and one office in Chennai, India. Our Schinnen office is located only twenty minutes away by car from Aachen; very close to the city’s knowledge hub of lightweight technologies. In Eindhoven we choose to be located near the Automotive Campus and the Technical University TU/e, creating possibilities for knowledge accumulation and close collaborations. This builds further on our multiple established partnerships in the automotive value chain.

A growing team also means that we have expanded our facilities. At our location in Eindhoven, we recently moved into a new space which is four times larger than our previous office. Here, we have even created a well-equipped workshop with additional capacity to build prototypes by means of tools like 3D-printing. This is a great advantage in the process of product development; next to simulating the behaviuor and design of a product beforehand, having a physical prototype offers several advantages such as checking the functionality of mechanisms or whole assemblies and experiencing the haptics and aesthetics of our customers’ products.

At Code, we continuously invest to improve and broaden our knowledge, to ensure we are not only fit today but also for the future. In short: We have facilitated our company’s development in every way and Code Product Solutions is ready to grow even more, together with our clients.

If you would like to know more about finding the optimum results according your needs in terms of performance, weight, production efficiency and total cost of ownership, please contact us. We look forward to welcoming you into our new offices.


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