The future of virtual product development

At Code Product Solutions, innovation is paramount. We constantly act on implementing novities in our work. The latest innovation in product development is the use of Virtual Reality (VR).

Virtual Reality is a currently emerging technology with applications for a widespread range of purposes. We apply VR in engineering. In our virtual engineering environment, we have created a fifth Code office: The Virtual Office.


In our virtual office, we can meet with our partners and clients to discuss new product designs and developments. Designs can be shown in more detail thanks to three dimensional views. Products can also be enlarged or shown in sub-parts. It is even possible to take a look inside a product, shown in 3D. This way, structural parts that are normally hidden, can be analysed from any angle.

Virtual Product Assessments

We are able to place products in their practical use environment, such as placing child seats in cars. This enables us to evaluate and assess products’ design in the way they will eventually be employed.

Virtual Product Assesments

In our VR environment, we have also built a testing area. This looks precisely as the real-life testing areas that are used by test institutes such as TASS International. In our virtual testing area, we visualise our crash test simulations that are compliant with the latest ADAC, FMVSS and ECE-R129 standards. In the test environment we can focus on various details from the crashes; we can even play crash tests in slow motion, pause certain parts and enlarge the product in critical impact moments. It is even possible to focus on detailed parts of the crashed seat by making other parts transparent. This enables very detailed analyses in an interactive way.


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