We are specialised in various disciplines

The Code Product Solutions team is specialised in multiple areas. We mainly focus on the fields of simulation engineering, conceptual design, materials and processing consulting.


Advanced simulation methods help us to predict the behaviour of our customers’ products at a time mostly no physical prototypes even exist. Building up virtual prototypes allows our engineers to perform various kind of analyses such as structural mechanical, thermal, or fluid dynamical simulations. This enables us to answer specific questions that are crucial to find the most optimal design. 


A slick design is more than appearance alone. It’s engineering ingenuity, smart design choices which improve functionality, overall quality and overall performance. To achieve this requires design processes (computer aided design) which are creative and efficient at the same time. Integrating all relevant aspects related to certain materials and technologies being involved is what rounds the picture to successfull package. This all leads up to a smooth design process and an even better product.

  • computer aided design
  • material consulting
  • technology consulting


In many customer projects and multiple joint research programs together with partners, our engineering team built up strong expertise in various construction materials, such as plastics, composites, and metals. This wide knowledge about different material types makes us the preferred partner to assess competing materials or to design multi-material systems, such as plastics-metal or plastics-composite hybrid parts. Combined with our knowledge about material modelling and design approaches suiting certain material types, we find the best possbile materials for our customers’ products.

  • material consulting
  • simulation methods


Making a winning design only works if it can be produced properly. Over the years we have successfully worked on products that were produced by means of several ways of manufacturing. Products ranging from small dedicated commercial series up to mass production technologies such as injection moulding of plastics, forming or draping of composites, and stamping of sheet metals.

Right design choices are key for an optimal production process of the final product. This holistic engineering approach and the usage of process simulations helps our enginers to design parts suited for the most optimal manufacturing process.

  • technology consulting
  • process simulations
  • simulation methods


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