Working at Code
Code Product Solutions is proficient in offering innovative simulation solutions. Our people play the leading role in this process. To keep serving our clients high-quality engineering, we are continuously searching for new engineers that will fit into our motivated and caring team.
Er zijn momenteel geen vacatures
We are always interested in open applications.
Code supports the students!
The students of today are the engineers of the future. Therefore, it is important to invest in this group. We do this by supporting various study and student initiatives.
Our team
Bianca Cordewener-Dewaide
Financial administrator
Huub van Veen
Senior Simulation Engineer
Linda Brouwers
Marketing and Communication Specialist
Nadine Oroszi-Jongen
Office Assistant
Harold van Aken
Director The Netherlands
Christopher Lynch
Simulation Engineer
David de Vries
Simulation Engineer
Robbin Romijnders
Simulation Engineer
Gilbert Tellier
Simulation Engineer
Hendrik Schütte
Simulation Engineer
Roy Mols
Junior Simulation Engineer
Paul Habets
Commercial Director