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With our in-house developed tools we can accurately assess the different parts on limit strength and fatigue strength (durability). It contains assessment methods according to the American, Chinese and European regulations in the amusement industry.
With our unique and broad expertise we can perform these strength and fatigue evaluations directly on the multibody calculations. Additionally, our in-house automated process enables us to accurately determine the integrity and durability

Code supports in drawing up the mechanical architecture as well as in optimisations. 
  • Multibody calculations to gain insights in the loading and movement of passengers and the construction
  • We enable accurate concept evaluations for different potential construction principles
  • Providing documentation and assistance for the approval process of the notifying body



Our dedicated expertise teams have adopted and improved an automotive procedure using CAE-tools to develop rollercoasters of high quality. Our CAE-driven design approach enables early insights in risks and thus early improvements. This creates a large potential for project time reduction.

We strongly believe in the benefits of employing simulations during the conceptual phase of product development. At this early stage, key design decisions have not been fixed yet. CAE makes it possible for innovative solutions to be implemented.

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