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Who we are

We are engineers with
a passion for innovation

Code Product Solutions is an international, independent provider of engineering and consulting services.
We are a development partner covering the entire product cycle; from the concept and engineering phase to testing and production.
What we do

Mastering challenges long before
the first prototypes come available

Code applies a proven highly-efficient engineering methodology called CAE-driven design. This approach in product development saves our clients time and money, enabling them to bring high-quality products to market significantly faster.

  • the highest quality standards
  • optimal product performance
  • decreased integral costs
  • a fast time to market

Why we do what we do

Virtual engineering: faster and better product development

Testing a product before it is launched on the market can be done using physical prototypes. This is an expensive way of obtaining information. Virtual engineering is a more cost efficient and productive method. At Code, we use the latest simulation techniques and Virtual Reality. This way, less prototypes are needed and products can be optimised in the earliest stage possible, speeding up the development time and lowering integral costs.

We understand your challenges

    •  Traditional product development could take a long time
    •  It is difficult to bring engineering and design into harmony
    •  The final product should meet multiple (safety) requirements

Therefore, we provide support over the entire product development range:
One partner to perform an entire project with.

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CAE-driven design

At Code, we provide solutions for products made of plastics, composite materials and metals in the main fields of automotive, E&E, and consumer products.

We strongly believe in the benefits of employing simulations during the conceptual phase of product development; even before the Computer Aided Design (CAD) is finished. At this early stage, key design decisions have not been fixed yet. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) makes it possible for innovative solutions to be implemented.

This methodology is called CAE-driven design.

How we do what we do

Materials • Processing • Design

We truly believe that material know-how, processing and design go hand in hand.
All three expertise areas are important cornerstones of what we call the product triangle. The overall performance of your product is depending on how well all three areas have been addressed in the development process. The final product is created in the middle of the triangle.


Since Code was founded, we have established a strong network with various knowledge institutes and partnerships with leading raw material suppliers. Next to this, we have developed our own expertise programs to continuously strengthen our knowledge in the field of Engineering Plastics, Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites and various metals, alloys and hybrids.


Making a winning design only works if it can be produced in the right quantities, with top-quality and against the lowest possible integral cost. Over the years we have successfully worked on products that were produced by means of several ways of manufacturing. Products ranging from small dedicated commercial series up to mass production series using injection moulding, stamping, forming, shaping etc. At Code, the production process is always high on our agenda. Right design choices are key for an optimal production process of the final product.


A slick design is more than appearance alone. It’s engineering ingenuity, smart design choices which improve functionality, overall quality and overall performance. It’s in the Code DNA to make sure that the most optimal materials are selected and that the ultimate processing and production methods are on our radar screens at all times. This all leads up to a smooth design process and an even better product.

Material Applications

Polymers and Compounds
A whole spectrum of thermoplastic materials:
      • Semi-crystalline and amorphous materials
        standard thermoplastics (PP, PE, PS etc.)
        technical thermoplastics (PA, POM, PC, PMMA etc.)
        high performance materials (PPS, PEEK, PEI etc.)
             ◦  Injection Moulding
             ◦  Gas Injection

      • Rubber-like materials
             ◦  Natural rubber
             ◦  TPE/TPV

Composites & Hybrids
      •  Composites: thermoplastic
         and thermoset based
             ◦  UD-tapes
             ◦  Laminates, fabrics
                (Organo Sheets)

      •  Hybrids:
             ◦  Draping
             ◦  Composite lay-up
             ◦  Adhesive bonds, gluing
             ◦  Overmoulding
             ◦  Welding & Gluing

      •  Welding
      •  Rolled and extrusion grades in
         steel and aluminium


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